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"NASA calling global warming a 'fever,' while we remain in an Ice Age, is like calling a warm blanket a blast furnace."
—Rod Martin, Jr.


Which would you rather have?...

Global Warmth: Icebergs in ocean

A cold, lifeless world?
Because we're in an Ice Age, we remain precariously close to another glacial period—full of ice and death. Click on the image to read more.

Global Warmth detail: Dead tree in desert

A dry, desolate world?
Because we're in an Ice Age, rain becomes more scarce the colder it gets. Click on the image to read more.

Global Warmth detail: Jungle leaves and waterfall

A world teeming with life?
Ending the current Ice Age would return Earth to far more normal conditions of plentiful rain and warmth to support life. Click on the image to read more.

Cold or Warmth?

Global Warmth: Thermophobia cover art

Which represents global warming?
Which part of this graphic represents global warming—dry, cracked earth or rain-splattered leaf? The answer may astonish you, but when you understand, you will see that the media and United Nations have been telling lies. Click on the image to read more.


More facts showing Global Warming is far better than Global Cooling...

Global Warmth detail: Beach

Think about where most people vacation, and ask yourself why.

Global Warmth detail: Sea Ice

If we don't end the current Ice Age, we may be shoveling snow in Florida.

Symbol of African Dream: Giraffes in Africa

Killing the African dream, and that of every developing nation. In fact, the current "climate change" hysterics are killing the dreams of even developed countries.

Global Warmth: Thunderstorm in Australia

Where does rain come from? Warmth! Without warm climate, rain becomes increasingly impossible.

Tornado. With global cooling, we see more of these.

Colder climate (not warmer) leads to more extreme weather events.

Global Warmth detail: Tropical beach, jungle and hills

What would a warm Earth look like?


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Thermophobia book cover

The Thermophobia epidemic has taken the planet. The only problem is, this disease is entirely psychosomatic (mental). We're in an Ice Age and some lunatics in power want to cool down the planet. They're trying to convince us to fear warmth. That's like trying to convince a hungry man to fear food. Ebook available for immediate download. Buy Thermophobia Now for an immediate cure!

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